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Jen Yoohyun Lee - Judy Kong


Nov 9, 2020

Judy likes:

art, but not many of her friends are interested

to be easy-going

to ask people to guess

inspiring experiences

simple, mono-tone arrangement

Jen likes:

to engage with communities

to have deep talks with old people

to be natural
to interact with kids

to investigate social issues and aspects

Nov 16, 2020

we talked about what each of us does out of our genuine affection for art.

we pondered on how we ended up where we are, why we have decided to engage in the 'art world', and how it is severely influenced by other worldly matters.


we also wondered about where narratives stand in the dynamics between art practice, artwork, and art presentation.

later that night, our thoughts paused on the significance of reflextivity... how we should be reminded every so often.


Nov 18, 2020

we sat by the water and continued our talk on emotions - how we deal with our thoughts and emotions in times of flux.

we shared our opinions on "how we could improve the health of our emotions".

 surprisingly, some of our ideas were the same. we started to think that not being aware of one's emotions is what ends up killing her.


Jen thinks that thoughts and feelings can be translated to QR codes.


Judy thinks disposing the negative emotions and memories is a good practice.....

Nov 20, 2020

Your Own QR code to Be Expired


Jan 9, 2021

QR code:  do we "mind"


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