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BH - Stanley

As at the moment of writing this , BH and I only met once. But it already feels like I've know him since way back and have been a long-time follower of his artworks.

Before actually meeting BH, I was extremely excited and nervous at the same time, which is a quite common feeling for an outgoing introvert. Having sneaked a peek at his works from Instagram, my initial impression was that he was a shy, emotional or even a little bit angry artist. I knew I was going for an adventure but what if we didn't have much to say, or what if he thought I didn't understand his work...... I couldn't help asking myself these questions.

The worries disappeared immediately when I arrived at Hart Haus and BH started right way introducing his background and portfolio after a brief yet warm welcome . He turned out to be a very articulate person as he told me the themes of his works could be summarized as Numb(化), White, Worn out/ruins, 断舍离 and reconciliation. And I'm surprised but chucked to find out how similar our backgrounds are: we both work in the distant-to-art finance world for living; both lived and worked in Mainland China; both worked in the States; both studied in the western countries, etc.

Then he started to walk me through his paintings in the studio. His works are all very personal at certain level. And as our conversation got deeper, it amazed me how open and honest he is to share his childhood memories, eventful journey in the past few years with setbacks, his philosophy and vulnerability with me, which made me feel trusted, hence his paintings became more resonate to me. It was as if I could experience the same of what he was experiencing while creating these works.


However, BH talked all these vulnerable things in a calm (or in his world, numb) way. The humors, warmth and kindness he showed when he interacted with his studiomate/classmate Doris somehow contradicted the person he described that he was. We also talked about his style as a leader in his professional life......the gaining understandings from conversation kept adding layers to his character and kept me connected, just as his artworks to me: sensible but logical; skillful but playful; experimental with materials and style but carefully designed; listening to the calling, leading by the work itself but result-oriented, all in a good way. Maybe it is the magic of knowing the artist, the artwork becomes more human and soulful. After all, it is the human (the artist) behind the artwork.

And now I'm back to the same feeling before meeting BH - excited and nervous. as the be-side of the artist, I really hope my representation can do him and his work justice.

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