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Ane - Jade

10 Nov 2020, first meeting with Ane 1、daily life may inspires Ane, Painting human faces since little 2, mother is an artist , yet not so sure /confident abt being an artist herself 3, started a NGO in Mexico , making plastic to art 👍🏻 4, was in hotel management and been to Beijin , later moved to HK. Husband brought her brushes and encouraged her to start painting , so Ane started painting only 2 yrs ago 6, use primary colour for painting after life , since death is “primary” colour of life 7, 9 levels of after life , transformation of energy , not “bad thing” by concept 8, inspired by Manolo Valdez manolo valdez art - Google Search 9, sometimes may forget the words/ideas behind the colours (words being covered by colour)  Yellow and blue  福祿壽 10. Paint from feelings , let the colour talks to you


19 Nov 2020, Art Jamming with Ane      1, we started with any thoughts of 2020, here and now 2, I asked Ane , what if I spell it wrong , she said “just leave it “ 🤣 “don’t worry abt it “ ; love it ! 3, we drew and we changed position , we engaged and interrupted and related to each one’s ideas and art 4, I chose the colour white and yellow , because 2020 needs more bright and energetic, soulful colour more than ever

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